Cell Receptor is a small Geneva-based corporation building new treatments for the well-tolerated and cost-effective prevention of metastases in cancer and the control of autoimmune diseases.
The current strategy in oncology is based on the view that the cancer cell controls its growth. Consequently, current treatment strategies kill the tumour cell while sparing other cells as much as possible. However, the methods used to kill tumour cells have serious side effects on other cells and organs.
We can significantly improve oncology outcomes with simple and well-tolerated methods for which we have intellectual property. Therefore, our findings will have a profound impact on oncology.
The Cell Receptor team has found a way to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells by blocking such metabolic steps, which have not yet been considered in oncology: We have understood that there is no independence from the host organism for any cell growth. Our new treatment concept interferes with cell growth signalling mediated from outside to the cancer cell via a mechanism upstream of receptor tyrosine kinases present on the cell surface of the growing cell - a cancer treatment that targets a process outside the cancer cell, a completely new approach in oncology. The only one that works without harmful side effects.
All growing cells, including tumour cells, must connect with platelets to divide. Platelets supply growth factors to growth-committed cells ready to divide, help cells evade the immune system, and protect circulating tumour cells from shear forces. We know how to block this contact and thus prevent tumour cell growth, particularly metastasis - an urgent unmet medical need.


See this article: https://www.nature.com/articles/d43747-021-00133-8

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