Cell Receptor has identified a group of quite well-tolerated substances with the remarkable ability to prevent growing both benign and malignant cells from taking up growth factors. The target here is a part of a mechanism we have discovered that has not yet received therapeutic attention.

The project was born in the cell culture lab and is now in the translational phase, aiming for clinical application.

90% of cancer-related deaths are caused by metastases. We are convinced that the new therapy has the potential to prevent the metastasis of malignant tumours. We also expect that it will enable us to curb pathological immune responses of autoimmune diseases, as autoimmunity is associated with proliferation of cells in the immune system.

The project has now reached a stage where proof of concept will be provided by means of a clinical trial. The type IIa trial will be on the prevention of metastases and will be conducted by a renowned oncology organisation. The study will be relatively inexpensive due to very special organisational and legal circumstances. Cell Receptor will fund the study and is currently seeking venture capital for this purpose and welcomes suitable scientific and financial partnerships.

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